From fire scene to court room, FSI has you covered.

How We Can Help

Consultation & Litigation Support

Case analysis and litigation consulting based on years of expert experience involving the preparation and presentation in court of complicated investigations of catastrophic fires and explosions. Litigation support involving the assessment of other experts’ analyses and identifying conclusions wither consistent or incompatible with the data at hand.

Expert Testimony

Based on over 2 decades of preparing for and testifying in criminal trials combined with subject matter expertise and knowledge gained while working on the largest and most complex fire scenes in the U.S.

Complex Scene Management

Broad experience in managing large and catastrophic fire and explosion scene investigations. From a $4 Billion Navy Warship fire loss, to a $250 Million manufacturing loss, to a $500 Million industrial explosion scene, former ATF National Response Team Supervisor Dixon Robin, IAAI-CFI has successfully lead numerous complex investigations involving multiple parties, multiple SMEs, and multiple pieces of critical evidence.

Hazardous Scene Investigations

Investigations are backed by our full HAZWOPER certification to the HAZMAT Technician level. This is in addition to our Asbestos Awareness training. This is critical as Federal, State and local regulations strictly limit those who can enter and process a fire scene involving the potential release of hazardous chemicals. FSI brings years of education and training in the identification and handling of hazardous materials. As important, we have been involved in numerous industrial and hazardous fire and explosion investigations involving oversight by Federal and State environmental and safety regulators.

Scene Documentation and 3D Scanning

In addition to our other digital tools and latest technologies we use Matterport 3D scanning to effectively capture 3 dimensional data critical to fire and explosion investigations. The data allows clients to view a high resolution depiction of the scene, to “walk through” the investigation and to obtain accurate measurements for further analysis.

Origin & Cause Analysis

Scientifically based and objective Origin and Cause analysis using industry standards to ensure thorough investigations, accurate opinions, and timely expert reports. Using a systematic approach, we will determine the area or point of origin of the fire or explosion, its ignition source, the first fuel involved, and the circumstances that bring all of these factors together.

Training & Instruction

Development and delivery of customizable technical fire and explosion investigation training. As a Certified Instructor (IAAI-CI) Dixon Robin has taught thousands of students and designed, developed and delivered fire investigation programs at the International Law Enforcement Academies in Budapest, Tblisi and Bangkok, National Fire Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and IAAI. He is a subject matter expert in fire dynamics, origin & cause, fire scene reconstruction, arc mapping, timeline and data analysis, evidence identification & collection and more.

Evidence Collection

Evidence is critical in any fire and explosion investigation. FSI is well versed in fire scene evidence identification, preservation and collection. We recognize that evidence only has value if it is properly documented, preserved, and presentable later in litigation. FSI Principle Investigator Dixon Robin has years of experience in successfully managing large and complex fire scenes with hundreds of pieces of evidence, as well as supervising multiple parties in the documentation and collection of this evidence. He has designed and implemented evidence documentation and collection protocols for ATF and will use the same attention to process and detail in your investigations.